The Organizers Union

For Just Cause

PRESS UPDATES:  Thursday, April 11, 2024

Pacific Green Party Of Oregon Endorses

Oregon Campaign for Just Cause

Initiative Petition 2024-049 

Receives Certified Ballot Title

We're campaigning for ballot initiative 2024-049 for the November General Election to limit at-will employment in Oregon, expand job security and protect workers from covert discrimination. 

Will you get involved?

Click Here to read our prospective initiative.


The Organizers Union for Just Cause formed in 2023 from recognition of the need to advance from the segregationist era doctrine of at-will employment to a robust standard of just cause in workplaces throughout the United States.  

Just cause protections have long been a common standard within private contracts and collective bargaining agreements but remain largely unknown and subversively unexamined by the general public.  

It's time to recognize just cause, due process rights for workers, whether they're protected by a contract or not.

Just cause is a fundamental standard of due process.

Just cause ensures employees are not disciplined or terminated on a whim.

Just cause requires  standards of reasonability, notice, investigation, evidence, equitable treatment, proportionality & progressive discipline.

Just cause results in wage & productivity growth, wage equity for women & workers of color, & better educational outcomes for children of protected workers.

The vast majority of employees throughout Oregon and the United States can be legally fired without any reason, or prior notice.

This doctrine of at-will employment is job insecurity.

At-will isn't due process, it's no process.

At-will employment is not required to fill job vacancies, nor is it about how you apply and interview.

At-will employment means your employment may be ended without a reason, even a good reason. 

At-will allows for covert discrimination, and retaliation.

At-will impedes advocacy for safety.

At-will undermines productivity.

At-will perpetuates inequality.

At-will is bad for individuals.

At-will is bad for families.

At-will is bad for communities, our State, and our Country.

At-will was championed by segregationists.

Let's make it history.

It's time for just cause protection in employment & labor law.

We've experienced great recessions, and resignations.

It's time to standarize better practices that protect workers, communities, and the economy.

Good policy has the same purpose as the rules of a football game, ensuring fairness.

A work culture that feels safe and respectful encourages productivity.

Job security is personal security.

Job security means families thrive.

It's time to expect the best business practices.

We're organizing to realize 

Just Cause, Due Process, Job Security.

Will you join us?